The one stop Agribusiness Information warehouse:

The Agripoint Integrated Ag-data Management Information system is a one stop Agribusiness information warehouse that has been conceived to address the key information and sustainable linkage gaps in the Agribusiness eco-system.

In Agribusiness, there mainly 5 (five) key questions that need to be addressed if Agribusiness will develop, create sustainable and viable employment opportunities for youths and Women but also men to improve livelihoods for the households in Uganda and grow the Agrarian economies like Uganda. These are the Land question, The Agro-Input, Knowledge and Extension, affordable credit, Sustainable Markets. This forms the backbone of this system.

This system covers and answers Agdata questions with the following systems:

  1. The Agripoint Profile Management system (plus GPS and Aggregation and analytics)
  2. The Agripoing Livestock MIS
  3. The Agripoint Market Information system
  4. The Agripoint RuFIN: An AgriFintech System tohelp manage and structure rural finances

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