The One stop centre for sustainable and Innovative Agribusiness Solutions Agripoint The One stop centre for sustainable and Innovative Agribusiness Solutions Agribusiness Based Advisory services Leveraging ICTs to collect, Clean, Curate, Store, retrieve data. Carry out Agdata analysis & Analytics for informed decisions Research, Knowledge & Insights Management We bridge the knowledge gap using several approaches. Capability & Business development Trainings We bridge the knowledge gap using several approaches. Market Linkages

Our Philosophy:

Ensuring that communities and all stake holders are involved in bringing lasting and sustainable change to secure today’s and tomorrow’s generation

ICT based Ag-Data Management and Analytics

Ag-Data Management and analytics, Knowledge and Insights Mgt is Among the biggest service offers we have at Agripoint. All players in the Agribusiness value chain can contact Agripoint for more and big data in Agribusiness.

High End Capacity Development

We offer High end capability development solutions, through customized training. using Digital solutions, B2B sessions, and Agri-skills & Agri-coops development Initiatives. So if you are in search of a business

Agritrade and Market systems Development

Agripoint believes that the market drives a lot of decisions in business. therefore starting from managing your supply chains, to protecting your market share and growing it would be a very pivotal area in business development

Agro-Supplies and Agro Inputs

Inputs are a big component in Agribusiness development, whether at production or at processing. Therefore Agripoint offers genuine and certified Agro-Inputs at competitive prices. We offer and place Agro-supplies

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Dear our Visitor/Client I would like to welcome you to Agripoint Online. I would encourage you to please read through our key areas of who we are and what we do, where you will certainly know that we are the best solution providers to your Agribusiness problem. Are you an Agribusiness entrepreneur and investor, a financier, a philanthropist, a Donor, an Agribusiness partner, A researcher, A government official, a farmer, a trader or another service provider, please email us and ask. Quickly our team will be ready to speak to you such that together we can fill the void for which you went online.

The AGRIPOINT online Knowledge Platform

This is the home of all Agribusiness and Value chain development Information. We collect information and manage info on farmers profiles and their production estimates per season, Cooperative profiles, sales and bulking details per season, Traders demands & trade trends, Agro-input dealers certifications, service offers and distribution channels, Implement dealers’ supply chains and product profiles & pricing, Government policies & support details, Agricultural research findings & new technologies for extension and knowledge transfer, Events, Views and News,



09/06/2020, 10:20
The firm wants to buy quality simsim oil seeds directly.
09/06/2020, 10:17
Civil Society Organisations and ACTADE have on Tuesday held a.
09/06/2020, 10:07
For centuries, agriculture has been the sole means of livelihood.
09/06/2020, 10:04
On 29th of March, KAS cooperated with its partner ACTADE.