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Agribusiness Solutions Provider

Agripoint, as it is known, is a fully registered and Incorporated Enterprise set up to address the key Agribusiness development challenges using sustainable and innovative Initiatives.

They Include Ag-Data Management and analytics, Knowledge and Insights Mgt, Ag-Trade and Market systems development, facilitating business connections and linkages amongst the players in the Agribusiness Eco-system using Digital solutions, BDS, B2B sessions, and Agri-skills & Agri-coops development Initiatives, and Market & Financial Linkages.

Agripoint, through its experience has found out that all players in the Agribusiness Value chain have challenges and these have to be sustainably addressed to facilitate the development of their business set up at every node of the value chain. The Agripoint service profile covers from Land acquisition, Sustainable land-use Management, Agro-Input access and Mgt, Agronomy for better production and productivity, harvesting (machinery acquisition, efficient use & sustainable Mgt), Post-Harvest Handling and Mgt, Storage, Cleaning and processing/ Value Addition, Marketing, and Customer protection.

We Leverage ICTs in almost all our service offers. Youths and Women are at the center of our business model.

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